About Scott Manville


With 15 years of professional experience in the television and film industry as a professional pitch writer, Scott Manville is a champion to the new producer and creator, scouting original projects for television and film, while mentoring new talent. He’s produced original television series’ for Relativity Television and Lifetime TV, most recently serving as Producer for a second season of Lifetime’s “Kim of Queens”.

Manville is CEO of Manville Media Ventures, Inc., and the Founder of the TV Writers Vault, a groundbreaking industry service used by hundreds of leading producers and executives sourcing new written concepts for development and production. You can read about the TV Writers Vault’s successes here.

With the launch of The Television Writers Vault, Manville integrated his firsthand knowledge of the development and pitching process in Hollywood to provide countless aspiring and professional Writers with a protective online method of pitching projects to buyers, essentially proving that Hollywood is not a “closed door”, but a collaborative community.

Recently, the TV Writers Vault delivered another series for global broadcast as a result of talent being discovered at the site.  “Kim of Queens” aired on Lifetime TV at 10pm et/pt with a 20 episode run. Manville serves as Producer on the series for Relativity Television. The TV Writers Vault has seen two other series produced for multiple seasons; “Saw Dogs” premiered on Discovery’s Velocity Chanel, before being picked up for prime-time airing on Discovery Channel. “Deals From The Dark Side” saw its U.S. broadcast premiere on SYFY, after a successful first season run on A&E Australia, and OLN Canada. Series was sold in 8 countries for broadcast. Creators, Executive Producers, and Stars of these series are all members of the TV Writers Vault where they pitched their concepts and connected for collaboration and production of these shows.

Scott has also been privileged to serve as Panelist at the Napa Valley Film Festival for several years now, mentoring Writers and discovering new talent alongside The Weinstein Company Sr. Executives.

He previously held a Co-Producer’s deal with Sennet-Gernstein Entertainment, following his post as lead Development Executive for Merv Griffin Entertainment, Inc. Reporting directly to Merv Griffin, he created and developed original scripted and unscripted projects sold to major outlets such as Buena Vista Television, TNT, NBC and others. Most infamously, Manville brought to the television market Lance Armstrong’s autobiography, “Its Not About The Bike“, resulting in a bidding war that delivered the largest offer for life story rights in TV history.

Manville reflects, “It was a time of incredible challenge and growth, working with a group of prolific producers. The opportunity to create original projects to pitch for Merv was an education and experience money can’t buy“.

He continues to bolster opportunities for his associates by expanding his interests within the entertainment communities.

Pitching a TV Show Idea or Format? – Please visit www.tvwritersvault.com .  Scott does not accept unsolicited materials via email. All projects must be submitted through the website for your protection.

Media queries contact scott@tvwritersvault.com for interviews or related requests.


    1. Ideas are the root of any potential for success, but you need to develop it to the point of having a very specific and unique outline of what we’re potentially watching in the show. Keep in mind it is the “unique expression of an idea” that earns protection under copyright law, not “stock ideas” that are common and undefined. All of the new creators who sold pitches via the TV Writers Vault, sold ideas that were written with a marketable title, a clear and compelling logline, and a synopsis that delivered the specific details of what we’d actually be watching. Companies then propose option deals and invest resources in creating “proof of concept” coverage for the project to be delivered to Network. You can do that too if you have the skills, but you need the right production company to deliver it to the Network. Here’s a recent quote from an article in “Broadcasting & Cable” that pretty much confirms what this industry and process is about:
      “I started this conversation with all of you four years ago about NATPE being the nexus of the business as it’s changing,” Perth said. “There are sectors that make up the business. It’s not just producers selling finished content. It’s all about the beginning of the process, the idea stage.” – Rod Perth | CEO, NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives)


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