With 20 years of professional experience in the TV/Film industry as a professional pitch writer, producer and development executive, Scott is a champion to the new producer and creator. He was most recently on contract with Relativity Media as producer on series, and currently manages Manville Media, llc.

Forging his path into the industry as a general assistant/runner, Scott ultimately served as head of development for Merv Griffin Entertainment, Inc., reporting directly to Griffin. Most infamously, while at MGE, Manville brought to market Lance Armstrong’s autobiography, “Its Not About The Bike, resulting in a bidding war that delivered the largest offer for life story rights in TV history. He reflects, “It was a time of incredible challenge and growth, working with a group of prolific producers. The opportunity to create original projects to pitch for Merv was an education and experience money can’t buy“.

Scott is CEO and founder of IndiePitch.tv, LLC. a groundbreaking industry service used by hundreds of leading producers and executives sourcing new original concepts for television development and production. As the first online platform to connect creatives from outside the industry with networks and producers, IndiePitch.tv has seen multiple series produced and broadcast globally.

He has periodically served as a contributing writer for NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) providing exclusive interview/articles with the likes of Mike Medavoy, Byron Allen, and other titans of industry. He’s also enjoyed four years as Panelist, Judge, and Juror at the Napa Valley Film Festival alongside major studio executives (Netflix, Fox Searchlight, TWC), mentoring writers & filmmakers and discovering new talent in their annual pitch competition.

Scott continues to bolster opportunities for his associates by expanding his interests within the entertainment communities.

Media queries contact scott@tvwritersvault.com for interviews or related requests.

9 thoughts on “About Scott Manville

  1. Bailus A McLee says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m pretty new to the field. What advice can you give to an up and coming reality show creator?

    B Alexander


    1. scott manville says:

      Hello B!

      When looking at the past decade of reality TV shows, knowing the competition is tough, you really want a project that is “pitch proof”. Meaning, it’s not just an idea, but an idea with some proprietary component to it. That may be a unique company, person, brand, or other “access” you have tied to the pitch. It brings more value to the table from your side and gives it more valuable when marketing it as a series.

      Outside of that, look for angles into subjects we thought we knew that can reveal a new and compelling experience to watch and learn from.



  2. Ray Schwarz says:

    Scott, I have read over everything on this website and you’re a genius. Do you offer mentorship opportunities? You sound like somebody who I believe as a creator just starting can learn a great deal from. You’re to be commended on all the success that you have had in your life and in your career!

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    1. scott manville says:

      Thanks for those very kind words, Ray. I appreciate that. Much of what I do is provide information and perspective on creating and pitching, but I keep it on a broader scale. so more people can find their path in. I’m happy to answer any questions you have, or provide guidance any time. Just email me at tvwritersvault@gmail.com


  3. Ann-Marie McHugh says:

    Hi Scott, I am an Emmy Award winner and Executive Producer – Director and I am helping an associate pitch a great show for PBS. PBS is where he wants it to air. The first episode of the show has been shot well by a media company in Canada. Please let me know if we can talk soon so that I can learn more about your process. I did read all of your statements on your website and I would just like to talk soon when you are available.
    All my best,

    Masters of Media, LLC
    Ann-Marie McHugh
    Executive Producer – Director

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    1. scott manville says:

      Hello Ann-Marie-
      Thank you for reaching out, and congratulations on your Emmy, as well as the new project.
      I’ll send you an email so we may correspond.
      Kind Regards,


  4. Gail Smiley says:

    I love the TV Writers Vault! I have been a member for many years I am still learning more every day about this industry. The TV Writers Vault has protected my materials as they’re exposed to carefully vetted executives. Through them i have had offers from David Lyons / Bravo and met great connections. It’s a great place to be as a new writer/creator for television.

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    1. scott manville says:

      Ideas are the root of any potential for success, but you need to develop it to the point of having a very specific and unique outline of what we’re potentially watching in the show. Keep in mind it is the “unique expression of an idea” that earns protection under copyright law, not “stock ideas” that are common and undefined. All of the new creators who sold pitches via the TV Writers Vault, sold ideas that were written with a marketable title, a clear and compelling logline, and a synopsis that delivered the specific details of what we’d actually be watching. Companies then propose option deals and invest resources in creating “proof of concept” coverage for the project to be delivered to Network. You can do that too if you have the skills, but you need the right production company to deliver it to the Network. Here’s a recent quote from an article in “Broadcasting & Cable” that pretty much confirms what this industry and process is about:
      “I started this conversation with all of you four years ago about NATPE being the nexus of the business as it’s changing,” Perth said. “There are sectors that make up the business. It’s not just producers selling finished content. It’s all about the beginning of the process, the idea stage.” – Rod Perth | CEO, NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives)

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