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Bring Your TV Series Pitch To Life With A Custom Crafted Visual Pitch Deck…


You’ve written your TV series pitch. Your concept is clever. Now deliver the visual pitch that studio executives and producers want- A professionally designed pitch deck.

Inspire producers as they absorb and understand your pitch that brings the potential of the project into focus.

Every deck design we create is completely original and inspired by the unique themes and aspects of your pitch for a TV show.

PLUS – FREE PITCH LISTING IN PRODUCERS MARKETPLACE:  ($120 Value) – You’ll receive 3 months free pitch listing at tvwritersvault.com, the TV industry’s online marketplace where producers and executives scout new project. See success stories here.

Producers are scouting hard for new material, and the competition among new creators to sell to them is intense. You have one shot to engage a Producer reading your pitch.

TV Producers hire their own development executives to create and craft their pitch decks to bring to Network. Take advantage of this opportunity to give your TV series the same insider’s edge the production companies have.


We review/analyze your written TV series pitch to identify and illustrate the key elements of the concept. (You must have a written synopsis of your concept).

Your deck is designed to serve the core concept and tone of your pitch.

Key snippets of your writing are integrated that tell and sell your pitch in the most compelling manner.

We’ll create & deliver 5-7 pages of original content/graphics communicating your written pitch and the essence of your project for TV producers.

We’re not afraid of holding hands! We’ll have email communication to revise and polish your pitch deck to your liking. We include 1 full revision.

Final PDF delivered for your use in marketing your project.

All work is Confidential & 100% owned by you.

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Industry Standard Rate (est.) – $1000
Commission Your Pitch Deck: $599

All Pitch Decks Are Reviewed And Refined by Scott Manville:


With 20 years of professional experience formulating and writing pitches for some of Television’s top producers and networks, reviews and refines all pitch decks created with our service before delivery. He is a former Head of Development for Merv Griffin Entertainment and was most recently a Producer on contract for Relativity Media, as well as a pilot in production for Discovery. You will have direct access by email communication with Scott during the final process of delivering your TV pitch deck.

Read Scott Manville’s blog article on “How To Pitch A TV Show” and jump into the conversation.

Read Success Stories and see what others have accomplished.


What clients are saying about Scott’s work…

“I commissioned Scott to create a pitch deck for me based on an idea and vision that I had for my own show. Scott not only delivered what was requested but he OVER DELIVERED what was asked, far exceeding expectations and crafting everything so beautifully. He put a great deal of effort into his work and the results have been spectacular. Hire this guy to craft and create your pitch deck and synopsis. You won’t regret it!”

Ray Schwarz – Jacksonville, FL.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am that I engaged Scott Manville last year to write and market my project.  I have been in the television industry in production and on air for over 15 years and I have never had a more successful business relationship. In the brutal world of television, having a fabulous concept is not always enough to move things into production. It takes someone like Scott, who has the talent and dynamic pitching ability. Without Scott’s expertise, my script would have just been another script among the thousands that get submitted to production companies and networks on a daily basis.

Even though the television world has it’s ups and downs, Scott’s charismatic personality and honest business ethics made this process pleasant, exciting and a truly valuable learning experience. He is so knowledgeable in so many different areas of the television industry from development to production to legal contracts. After pitching the concept’s treatment that Scott developed and wrote, I received multiple offers from A-List companies. He even helped me navigate through countless meetings and a few contracts that were almost signed before signing a deal with the right production company. Scott could have convinced me to sign with the first company that came forward, but his knowledge of what was possible and right for my deal brought better opportunity. For that, I am so grateful.

Scott was there every step of the way through this process and always available to guide me through the bumps in the road. Scott Manville is one of the few honest men left in the entertainment industry. I would recommend his service in a heartbeat to any aspiring producers or writers.”

Leisa Naples-Mullins
On-Air Talent, Entrepreneur, Co-Executive Producer

I hired Scott Manville to help develop an idea for a half-hour cable reality series. The process took roughly a month to complete, and by the end I had a Production Company pick up the idea and schedule a pilot shoot! I must say I was very impressed with Scott’s knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. In pitching to several production companies, one even referred to him as a “Legend” in the business of concept development. Scott took my ideas and research and compacted it into a top caliber concept that you will likely see on the networks soon! I’ve been in TV both on and off air for 10 years, and I can tell you that Scott works wonders for a reasonable amount of money. What the success of the concept comes down to is how revolutionary you idea is and your tenacity to get it picked up. If you are thinking about hiring Scott, those with faith and determination bring dreams to reality.For those of you who truly believe your idea is something people need and want to see, I highly recommend Scott Manville’s services. He makes the process comfortable, detailed, and affordable. If you have the right attitude from there, the rest will be history!

Tim Tialdo
Emmy Winning Television Host, Producer

“Thank you for turning my story into a masterpiece that’s ready for market. When I sent you my first draft I didn’t know what to expect, but you certainly brought my story to life. Any writer who connects with you will be amazed at what your talent will deliver for their pitch. I look forward to our next endeavor.”

Andre Tillman

Scott Manville has been wonderful!! I have asked LOTS of questions throughout this process, sought his guidance, and have secured his writing skills by having him rewrite several projects. He has truly been a HUGE asset and a valued sounding board. I certainly owe my success in large part to him and The Writers Vault. I would recommend his writing service to any and everyone.”
[Update: Dave secured a deal with BEI TV (Relativity Real) and informs us his project has been set up at Nat Geo Channel, awaiting official order for series.]
Dave Threlkeld | Rogers, AR

I am extremely appreciative of his talent, skill, mindset and work ethic, and I confidently refer him to anyone in need of what he can deliver! THANK YOU, SCOTT!”

Eric Ritter

25 thoughts on “Get a Pro Pitch Deck Created for Your TV Series Pitch

  1. scott manville says:

    Thank you for all of your queries regarding pitch deck creation. Shoot me any questions about creating and pitching in television today. -Scott


      1. scott manville says:

        Hello Charles-
        You would only need to submit a synopsis of the pitch, and then we would insert a link for the deck to display to any producer or executive viewing the pitch.


  2. Godwin Djietror says:

    Dear Scott,
    I have an idea for a television game show that I want to pitch to TV producers on your pitch deck. Using section headings, bullet points, and a couple of simple 2-D tables, I have written a two-page description of how the show would be organized. Although you have not yet seen/read it, can you please tell me if such a description would suffice for the written synopsis required for designing the pitch deck to communicate the elements of my idea to producers?
    Thank you very much in advance for your time.


    1. scott manville says:

      Hi Godwin- Thanks for reaching out. Game shows are the one format where a pitch deck is difficult to create, because for game formats you really want to either film a run-through of the game with contestants, or have a digital app that can run an executive through the process of game play. Decks need to be connecting with mood and message. So they’re more often ideal for reality-based, docuseries, films, etc. where there is a story, subject, and people involved. A very clean and clever pitch written for a game format can be great. Beyond that, you need a live run-through as proof of creation. I hope that sheds some light. Best, Scott


      1. Godwin Djietror says:

        Hi Scott,
        Thank you very much for replying my inquiry so promptly, and thanks for explanation you have given me. I understand it clearly and I have a good idea now what I’ll need to do to get my game show idea onto your pitch deck. I’ll work on it, and as soon as I am able to get it into the form you have described, I’ll notify you.
        Thanks again for your comments and best wishes.


      2. scott manville says:

        My pleasure, Godwin.
        Have fun with the work, and I look forward to seeing it.


  3. Christopher N Williams says:

    Hi Scott, I’m very interested in engaging your support for development of a pitch deck, and have a few questions. Once a pitch deck is complete, once I have my log-line, one-pager, and sample script – what then?
    Do you also provide services to help get the materials in front of producers? I’m already a member of TV Writers Vault. If you don’t have that kind of service, other than posting on TV Writers Vault, do you have advice on how to get the completed materials in front of producers?


    1. scott manville says:

      Hello Christopher-
      I’d be pleased to create a pitch deck for you. Email me any time you’d like at indiepitchtv@gmail.com
      I can take a look at your project. Once you have all materials, you want to guild connections by many means.. whether it’s a platform like ours to pitch producers scouting, or other venues like industry conferences and film festivals where TV/Film company execs are. Right now, they’re all figuring out to what degree they can hold any type of event, so that may be some time. Reaching out directly to specific companies, striking up a chat, and seeing if they’re open for submissions is another task. Many companies do most of their own development in-house, but if you bring something highly original and they see that in their world they can complete the puzzle, then good things happen.


      1. shotokanjohn says:

        I’m including details of a legal issue I had with a music recording firm. It’s part of my life story.
        Here’s the “kicker”…
        I lost due to the statute of limitations, however I wound up developing a “cordial” email correspondence with the president of the company and subsequently he encouraged me to pursue this and that he and the company were “OK” with being included in the script!
        Will this be a plus or hurt my chances when producers scout?


      2. scott manville says:

        I’m sorry, I didn’t spot your name… but thank you for the question.
        One of the things you don’t want to bring into the process at the level of engaging a production company, and ultimately a network, is conflict.

        If you’ve already been involved in a lawsuit with and against that recording firm, why on earth would you want to bring them to the party? They can frustrate the process at any point for any reason (retribution or grandstanding), and you don’t need them.

        If you’re saying that the project is specifically about their music, then they own that and you have to ask why you’d want to roll up the sleeves and work for them. If they don’t, and the music is just something that you feel is the right tone or the right window dressing for the story, make a new creative choice. The last thing you want to have to do is explain to the producers who end up investing their time and resources, is that you were involved in a lawsuit with the recording firm…SPECIFICALLY ABOUT THAT PROJECT. Run, don’t walk. You can make better choices for the project.


  4. Terry Borchers says:

    Hi Scott…

    I am helping my daughter, Haley, bring her reality TV show to market and would like to talk with you about employing TV Writers Vault Listing Service, fine tuning the synopsis, creating the pitch deck and fine-tuning our sizzle reel.


    1. scott manville says:

      Hi Terry-
      Thank you for considering my craft! I’d be pleased to chat with you and plan some work on the project.
      I’ll send you a pm, or you can also email me direct any time at tvwritersvault@gmail.com
      Feel free to share details in that email and I’ll wrap my mind around it prior to discussion.
      Enjoy your weekend.


  5. Demetrius says:

    Hi Scott, do I need to have a pilot in place before I do a pitch deck with you all in order to present it to networks through your listing?



    1. scott manville says:

      Hello Demetrius-
      No, the deck is essentially the calling card for any pilot. If they like the concept and content presented, then they’ll know they want to read a script or engage you to develop the project more. Happy to help you out. Email me at smanville at msn dot com


  6. Alan Perlo says:

    Hello Scott,
    I am looking for assistance in creating the visual aspects of a pitch deck for a dystopian sci-fi show concept. I have a completed pilot script, Season One outline and a powerpoint with the written parts of the pitch deck. Do you use mostly photographs, illustrations or both in your work? Also, if my presentation runs longer, should I expect your pricing to be 5-7 slides=$500?

    Alan Perlo


    1. scott manville says:

      Hello Alan-
      Thanks for inquiring about a pitch deck for your project.
      Photographic images are always best unless the genre is specifically animated.
      But for your genre, there’s probably representations that can illustrate that world if put together like a “mood deck” (samples from other works pieced together to create the world or tone). We can figure out the rate if it runs longer. Feel free to email me at smanville at msn dot com


    1. scott manville says:

      Yes, we do decks for all genres. Sitcoms are fun because it’s so much about a tone and style, along with characters.
      Feel free to email me at smanville at msn dot com


  7. Diane Forster says:

    Hi Scott, I’ve been researching your services, and see a lot of information on reality shows and scripted series, but I don’t see anything about talk shows. Is that something you can help me with? I also have ideas for other shows…reality based…but I want to start with my talk show idea first. What advice do you have for me? Thanks, Diane


    1. scott manville says:

      Hi Diane-
      Thanks for reaching out. I’d be very happy to share details on talk show development. It’s really a world unto itself, so it’s good to know what you’re up against and what a person or group must bring to the table. Feel free to email me at smanville at msn dot com
      Looking forward to chatting.


  8. Mike Karin Sr says:

    Hi Scott, You’ve heard this many times before but I have a terrific synopsis for a TV Game Show that is new, fun, educational, challenging and involves almost everyone. How do I protect the idea and get it to the right “eyes”? HELP!


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