One of my favorite things related to creating and pitching TV shows is getting to learn from some of the best producers we have in our industry. Most successful producers have a keen sense for choice and execution… two of the most important skills of any writer and creator in TV and Film.  I’d like to share with you a few of the conversations I’ve had with some of the entertainment industry’s most talented producers, helping us understand their perspectives, and the path of producing that we’re all on:

Legendary Film Producer and former Movie Studio Chief – Mike Medavoy:

 Dare to be adventurous. Tell stories with a passion that befits why you are doing it.  It’s not about money – it’s at the heart an art form of all art forms.

Read the full interview                                  

Byron Allen | Chairman & CEO, Entertainment Studios

Scott-Manville-Producer-Byron-Allen-348x243For me, it was an unbelievable front row seat…I remember sitting there as a kid watching them, and that’s when I had the epiphany- I knew what I wanted to do with my life…” 

Read the full interview:

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