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Welcoming all creatives in the process of pitching TV show ideas,  movie ideas, scripts, and original stories in all genres. I’ve created this community to share my personal experiences and professional insight on the process of creating, pitching and navigating Hollywood in what is a new golden era for entertainment. Learn more about me here.

Jump into our discussions and you’ll learn how to create viable TV series concepts, how to write a pitch for a TV show, how to present a pitch for your TV show idea or script, resources for connecting with buyers, and my personal advice and strategies as you bring your projects to market.

Participate in our discussions where I provide free professional advice and resources to help you create, pitch, and sell your TV show or film project.  A few things we’re discussing now:

How To Pitch A TV Show Idea

Got a TV Series Pitch? Get a Pro Pitch Deck Created!

Why Your TV or Movie Pitch Will Sell

TV Today, A Golden Age For Creators

I’m bringing you everything I know in a free and open forum of discussion to promote a better understanding and opportunity for all writers and producers navigating our industry.

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